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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan


The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) at West Virginia University has worked with more than 430 manufacturing companies over 17 years to identify energy and productivity saving opportunities for small and medium sized companies. The savings, which keep adding up year after year, are appreciable but do not fully capture the potential impacts of the IAC Program. The implementation rate of the recommendations has been only about 40% on average. This rate was expected to be improved with a knowledge center.;Energy Efficiency Knowledge Center (EEKC) is a regional system which includes the development and deployment of technical resources to assist industrial facilities in energy assessment phases. The EEKC as a repository for information and knowledge is designed to contribute to continuous improvement by incorporating the knowledge of IAC experts and plant personnel. The EEKC provides information to clients on how to obtain baseline energy use for their specific energy systems by fuel type using tools such as Quick Plant Energy Profiler (QuickPEP) by the Department of Energy (DOE).;The EEKC also incorporates access and utilization of the DOE Best Practices tools for enabling sensitivity analysis and estimating energy savings potential at various assessment phases. Moreover, spreadsheet tools are integrated within application software as required enabling clients to analyze the value of energy efficiency measures during the pre-assessment and assessment phases.;In this research thesis, the IAC activities and tasks are studied with respect to information and knowledge flow. The research objectives are presented and potential materials and steps to develop an online knowledge center are reviewed. Then, based on needs identified for continuous improvement, the design of EEKC is planned in which Web 2.0 is mainly used.