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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Brijes Mishra

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Yi Luo

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Felicia Peng


This thesis presents a parametric analysis in the LaModel 3.0 software and its corresponding results by showing how changes to input variables would affect the output of the model. This analysis was performed by taking of the most important inputs of the model and varying them inside a predefined range. The result of this variation was studied to determine how changes on input variables could affect the output of the model. A screening design technique was used, and it consists in taking the average values of the input variables, generate a valid range of variation and observe the behavior of the model outputs. The term "Screening Design" refers to an experimental plan that is intended to find the few significant factors from a list of several potential ones. The resulting model outputs behavior due to changes in the input variables is studied as the percentage of the variation between the results obtained using each of the inputs in the range, and the result obtained using certain reference input value. The main goal here for a LaModel user is to be able to recognize the percent variation in the output due to a certain variation in the input.