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This study examined the Procter & Gamble Always #LikeAGirl commercial video for aspects of commodity feminism as defined by Goldman, Heath and Smith in their 1991 journal article "Commodity Feminism." The purpose of this study was to explore the connection between the #LikeAGirl commercial and its viewers. Through this exploration, the study aimed to find any feminist sign values and/or feminine visual signifiers identified in the Goldman et al. (1991) definition of commodity feminism. In addition, this study sought to explore audience connections (positive and/or effective) to identified aspects of commodity feminism in the video. The commercial video was analyzed for aspects of commodity feminism using an in-depth data analysis approach, followed by another qualitative method of measurement. Focus group research, the second method, was conducted using a convenience sample of 30 West Virginia University students. These groups were transcribed, analyzed and coded by the researcher using the Scissor-and-Sort Technique. Findings from this study indicated that feminist sign values were the only aspects of commodity feminism in this commercial video. These connected most effectively with focus group participants when messaging connected on first a negative emotional level, and then led to a positive solution suggested by the brand. This study contributes to the marketing communications field by yielding informative observations concerning persuasive communication tactics to connect with the personal values of the audience.