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Lee Blair


This document chronicles, from the first read-through to the final curtain call, the process of diving into the role of Amanda Wingfield from Tennessee Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie'. It details my path toward character development (personalizing Amanda's point of view and drawing on others for inspiration), the rehearsal process, and ultimately how I couldn't help but be changed by the experience. The opportunity to play one of Tennessee Williams' most famous women brought with it a myriad of emotions at the start---from excitement (due to the fact that this was a dream come true for a thesis role)---to absolute incredulity that I would be able to master this character's endless diatribes and ramblings without turning her into a cartoon. Having been portrayed by legendary actors of both stage and screen for seventy years, I wanted to make sure my work on the character lived up to its iconic status, but also, I wanted to explore a new side to this very complicated mother.