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This research is a reference guide for piano teachers in selecting piano concerto repertoire to meet the abilities of their elementary, intermediate, and early-advanced piano students. Most well-known piano concerti are at the advanced level. It is difficult for piano teachers to choose appropriate piano concerto repertoire for less-advanced students. This research will serve as an important tool for those who are looking for new material for teaching outside the scope of the standard piano concerto literature.;Seventy-four piano concerti were selected for this study. They were organized into three categories, elementary level, intermediated level, and early-advanced level. The repertoire for this study was selected from original works by pedagogical, well-known, and lesser-known composers from the 1700s to the present. They are all stand-alone pieces and no selected movements from large-scale works. Each entry includes composer, title, opus number, year composed (if available), publisher, approximate duration, and a short description.;Learning piano concerto can be very beneficial for young pianists to develop their technical, musical, and ensemble skill and also prepare them for piano concerto performances in higher level. It also helps piano teachers and students expand their knowledge of the repertoire in this genre.