Varun Garaga

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Ali Feliachi

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Muhammad Choudhry

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Sarika Kushalani Solanki


This thesis presents a new Decentralized State Estimation algorithm using agents directed mainly to distribution power systems. This new algorithm solves problems that occur when one tries to estimate the state of the distribution power systems. By various reasons such as high levels of quality of service, automation capabilities and comparatively less size, those problems do not occur so frequently on the transmission systems. A consensus based static state estimation strategy for radial power distribution systems is proposed in this research. This thesis concentrates on the balanced systems.;There are buses acting as agents using which we can evaluate the local estimates of the entire system. Therefore each measurement model reduces to an under determined nonlinear system and in radial distribution systems, the state elements associated with an agent may overlap with neighboring agents. We propose a state estimation strategy, which effectively integrates the principles of local consensus and least squares technique and finally provides a decentralized solution to the radial power distribution grid. At the end of the thesis, we present the results of the application of the developed approach to a network based on a modified IEEE 13 bus test system and IEEE 33 bus Test System. The states of these systems are first estimated through centralized approach using least squares technique to compare with the proposed algorithm.