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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Majid Jaridi

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Rashpal Ahluwalia

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Feng Yang


The purpose of this research is to measure the e-tail service quality of online retailers by considering survey responses from two different geographical locations, USA and India. This research focuses primarily on (i) Collecting data and performing factor analysis to refine initial scale items, developed by Qianqian, followed by reliability tests for checking the scale's validity by considering responses received from survey participants in two different geographical regions; (ii) Testing of hypothesis based on the construct of the scale items of the initial scale and the scale obtained in this research; (iii) Performing regression analysis to demonstrate the impact of factors on the overall e-tail service quality. Based on Qianqian's initial scale items, the questionnaire was slightly modified to accommodate changes related to mobile e-tailing. Data was collected and analyzed further through item analysis and exploratory factor analysis. The scale is later tested for its reliability and validity, followed by regression analysis. Results revealed a variation in scale parameters when a global sample is considered. This research is based on the assumption that the key to improving customers' online purchasing decisions is improving e-service quality, which in turn has a significant effect on transaction results. This research is purely theoretical, with basis on exhaustive literature review.