Jacob Guzan

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College of Creative Arts


Graphic Design

Committee Chair

Joseph Lupo

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Gerald Habarth

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Amy Schissel

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Michael Sherwin


This MFA thesis addresses work completed and presented in a thesis exhibition at West Virginia University, the conceptual underpinnings of this work, and the personal motivations for such conceptual lines of inquiry. Focusing on traditional fine art practices of drawing and intaglio printmaking, the accurate reproduction of reality is a strategy for changing the context in which utilitarian infrastructural objects are seen. The goal of this project is to shift infrastructure from "eyesore" status to a state of aesthetic appreciation. Through visual isolation, these objects are given the opportunity to stand as discrete and sublime forms. The objects cease to be interlopers, and become integral parts of the visual environment when reintroduced to their landscape. I ground the inquiry into these objects in a personal exploration of my own landscape. The work simultaneously addresses the objects being studied as well as the very act of studying them.