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Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling & Counseling Psychology

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Reagan Curtis

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Patricia Haught

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Michael Mayton

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Lorie Taylor

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Barbara Warash


Training teachers to use evidence-based practices using instructional coaching is a major component of the Competent Learner Model (CLM). CLM strives to create sustainable educational programs for students with challenging behavioral and educational needs and uses coaching to teach the implementation and basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This study used a knowledge test and additional survey items to find out what level of knowledge participants (N=154) had about principles of ABA following instructional coaching. It was discovered that the frequency of coaching and methods used by the coach was not significantly related to the level of knowledge participants had. This study adds to the body of research in the field of coaching and training of behavioral principles by providing a base for other research to separate out the factors relevant to staff training.