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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ever J Barbero

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Victor H Mucino

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Eduardo M Sosa


The design of Fiber Reinforced Composite (FRP) which has emerged as an effective alternative to strengthen concrete structures, using traditional approaches, involves a set of complex design procedures to strengthen a concrete member. The design procedures are classified as a three step processes to build an intuitive and user friendly web application. The design software incorporated in the aforementioned application solves for strengthening of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Beams and Columns. This application has been developed as an add-on to the existing Computer Aided Design Environment to Composites (CADEC). It has been built on the .Net platform in compliance with the CADEC framework.;The application facilitates the design strengthening of FRP under shear and flexure for RC beam members and axial stresses for column members respectively. In the three step design process, the first two steps involve inputting parameters, while the final step involves the discussion of checks and results concerning the respective member. The validity of the application has also been tested using illustrated examples.;Cloud implementation increases usability by making the application machine independent, while letting the user to create and save FRP designs. User data is managed by the database built using SQL Server. The application thus allows the design strengthening of FRP for basic members of a structure with ease while allowing the user to manage designs with in the confines of the application.