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College of Education and Human Services


Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling & Counseling Psychology

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Kenneth O St Louis

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Norman J Lass

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Dennis M Ruscello


Effects of the Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids video on stuttering attitudes was investigated with middle school students in a rural Appalachian middle school in West Virginia. Participants completed the Public Opinion Survey of Human Attributes-Stuttering (POSHA-S) before (PRE) and immediately after watching the video (POST1) to measure attitude change following the intervention. The participants again completed the POSHA-S one month later (POST2) to determine the stability of their attitudes. Tabular and graphic comparisons were generated for each of the three administrations of the POSHA-S. For PRE versus POST1 and POST1 versus POST2 analyses, individual item and combined item ratings of the POSHA-S for all the conditions were compared using paired t tests for dependent samples with the Bonferroni correction. Results indicated minimal change after watching the video but indicated stability of middle school students' attitudes.