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Jay Malarcher

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Alan McEwen


This thesis describes the development of the design from the initial reaction to the script, meetings with the director and other designers, research, execution and final evaluation for West Virginia University School of Theatre & Dance's production of The Trojan Women. Additional support includes sketches, research images, renderings, paperwork and production photos.;Euripides' The Trojan Women adapted by Gwendolyn MacEwen depicts a moment in the lives of victims of the Trojan War. This version of the Greek Tragedy utilizes contemporary poetic language paired with a stylized design approach.;From the start, the director intended for this production to be stylized. That is, instead of realistic bruised and tattered women, he wanted to convey some sense of beauty through the telling of this horrific story. The costumes, scenery, and lighting needed to be stunning while still supporting the tragic storyline. Everything would look as poetic as the words sounded.;Creating a look that would feel timeless meant finding a balance between Greek and contemporary clothing. The research for this production had a wide span; I used ancient artifacts, modern refugee women and art as inspiration for the costumes. After the approval of final designs, my responsibility shifted to overseeing the build process in the costume shop.;After designs were discussed and budgeted, I then moved forward in organizing paperwork, purchasing and organizing fittings. Though the costume shop worked smoothly with only a few minor setbacks, everything was finished properly and on time.;Throughout this process I learned the importance of troubleshooting and how to better express my opinions when issues arise. These are lessons I will continue to apply as I move forward in my career.