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Reed College of Media

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The purpose of this research is to examine the challenges and opportunities diversity has for Strategic Communications practitioners and scholars. Its primary aim is to more fully understand this growing phenomenon in the industry, without undervaluing its complexity and abundance and to move towards a more inclusive and truly committed investor approach. This study used triangulated research methods to explore these factors. An online survey of people who have experience with Millennial minorities and reverse mentoring in the Strategic Communications industry was conducted. A series of in-depth interviews was conducted with individuals who have unique experiences with cultural diversity. The interviews were also conducted to develop new efforts to diversify the field with more minorities. Findings suggest more involvement from senior executives and human resource managers and more allocation of funds to foster more diversity recruitment. Findings also suggest that there be an increase of diversity training for current and new employees. The information gathered in this research helps to provide an understanding of the attitudes toward diversity, which will strengthen the pipeline of diversity for future minorities who enter the industry. This information will also help determined what steps would need to be taken to enhance the current initiatives within the profession.