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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mining Engineering

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Keith A Heasley

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Yi Luo

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Brijes Mishra


The objective of this research is to develop a software tool, which will assist in the area-wide calculation of ARBS while incorporating more detailed/accurate stress, varying CMRR and intersection span inputs. This tool imports the overburden, abutment and multiple-seam stresses as obtained by the boundary-element program LaModel and is converts them to a "pseudo-depth" which is used as the depth input to the ARBS calculations. In addition, available geologic data at the mine can be used to determine an area-based CMRR, and mine design information can be used to determine an area-based intersection span for input to the calculation. This tool is incorporated in the recently modified Stability Mapping program (StabMap) which, as part of this development effort, has been upgraded to readily accept area-based inputs from: SurvCADD's geologic grids for calculating an area-based CMRR, LaModel's stress grids for determining an area-based pseudo-depth, and user defined grids for specifying an area-based intersection span. Finally, the StabMap program is now designed to take the appropriate pseudo-depth, CMRR, and intersection span grids to calculate an area-based ARBS support intensity. This final area-based ARBS grid can then be plotted, analyzed and overlaid on the mine map for optimum presentation to production personnel.