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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Yanfang Ye

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Vinod K Kulathumani

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Roy S Nutter


In the recent past, crimes against children and the number of the missing children have been stayed at high. It is a tragic disaster for a family if their child is missing. Feeling safe about their children is very important for the parents. Therefore, there is an urgent requirement for safety support systems to prevent crimes against children and for anti-loss, particularly when the children are on their own, such as on the ways to and from schools. Thanks to the highly development of telecommunication and mobile technologies, preventive devices such as child ID kits, family trackers have come to light. However, they haven't been impressive solutions yet as they only track current positions of the children and lack of intimations for the parents when their children are under potential dangers. In this thesis, a data mining framework is introduced, in which secure areas and secure paths of the children are learned based on their location histories. When the system predicts the children to be potentially unsafe (e.g., in a strange area or on a strange route), automatic reports will be sent to their parents. Furthermore, an indoor positioning method utilizing Bluetooth is also proposed. Based on the android platform, a prototype of the application for both children and parents is developed incorporating with the proposed techniques in this thesis.