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Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Terence C. Ahern

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Ernest Goeres

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Ugar Kale

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Rebecca Phillips

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Andrea Weber


The use of online social media websites has grown exponentially in past years. Recent studies show faculty use of social media is also growing. This study examined how faculty are using social media websites with students and if they are aware of issues that violations of the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act could cause. The research questions were: How are faculty using social media for teacher-student communication; Are there privacy concerns faculty should be aware of because of the Federal Education Rights to Privacy Act; and what social media is being use by faculty to communicate with students. Participants were faculty, both full time and adjuncts, in a Mid-Atlantic community college that also offers four-year degrees. A modified-Delphi was used to collect the data. This study was looking to identify commonalities in faculty use of social media. The first survey was sent to all faculty at the institution. A second survey was sent to all those that responded to the original survey. The third and final "survey" was an email chat with faculty that answered yes to two out of five questions regarding the use of social media currently with students. Findings indicate that faculty are using social media to communicate with their students; faculty are aware of FERPA but they do not always know what constitutes a FERPA violation. The outcomes of this study can help administrators make more informed decisions regarding policies concerning faculty and student use of social media.