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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Design Studies

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Craig Nelson

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Cindy Beacham

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Kerry Odell


Functional wearables are a growing field at the intersection of fashion and technology. This research centers on the conceptual development of a fastening system in a functional wearable - fishing footwear - by assimilating utilitarian design values in a product design model. A project-based research methodology utilizing an iterative design process was used to create a multifunctional and technologically enabled closure system in fishing footwear. As part of the planning phase, an extensive review was conducted. This exploration substantiated the need for research centered around fastening systems for fishing footwear. A thorough investigative study was conducted as part of research phase including elaborate market reviews, hands-on test findings, analysis of various shoe closures and existing technologies. Five illustrative design concepts for fishing footwear fastening systems were created based on various ideations from outdoor products such as helmets, bag-packs, gaiters, etc. One fastening concept was selected using feedback from footwear design experts. The instrument (questionnaire) was developed emphasizing fit, protection and mobility parameters with a retail perspective for the proposed design concepts. As part of concept detailing phase, an intricate 3-D projection model and detailed technical specification sheet was developed adherent to design standards used in the footwear industry. This detailed design was henceforth validated through decision matrix analysis utilizing feedback from experts. In addition, an extended application of the shortlisted design solution in other outdoor gears was illustrated for demonstrating its generic utilitarian significance.