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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Animal and Nutritional Sciences

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Jacek Jaczynski

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Melissa Marra

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Kristen Matak


Omega-3 enhanced egg sticks were developed by replacing egg yolk with ?-3 rich salmon, algae, and flax oils. The eggs were fully cooked before analysis. Quality indicators for storage stability were measured throughout a 28-day period under different packaging and storage temperatures. Half of the egg sticks were vacuum packed, while the other half were aerobically covered with household plastic wrap. Further, eggs in both packaging groups were equally split into storage temperatures of 4°C and 10°C, to mimic refrigeration and temperature abuse, respectively. Quality indicators were measured each week in all groups. Quality indicators included texture (TPA, Kramer shear), color (L*,a*,b*), lipid oxidation, fatty acid profile, proximate composition, physiological loss in weight, microbiological plate counts, and pH. Egg sticks stored in vacuum packaging at 4°C had an overall slower degradation over time than all other treatments; however, vacuum packaged eggs did result in higher water loss, firmer texture, and higher anaerobic bacterial growth over storage time.