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Jessica Morgan Bishop


"...all anyone wants anymore are memoirs. And I'm not saying, I think it's an interesting form, I'm as curious about the inside of my own brain as anyone but please!" -Douglas, Seminar..;The following document delineates the process of undertaking my thesis role of Kate from Theresa Rebeck's Seminar for West Virginia University's fall production in the Gladys Davis Theatre. The process will examine the themes and fervors of the play as contrived through the ideals and desires of a young writer in the modern fiction world. It will illustrate the research I have collected from the vast world of fiction literature (classical and contemporary) and the process of creating this fiction, as well as visual art that inspired the molding of Kate's perspective. The usage of free associative journaling and action rooted in Sanford Meisner's technique will serve as the base of the rehearsal process. Assessments of discoveries made and audience reaction through the run of the show will be included, as well as a sincere evaluation of the progress made in my venture.