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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A Boone

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Harry N Boone, Jr

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Jean M Woloshuk


This descriptive survey study sought to identify factors that influenced West Virginia University County Extension Agents to voluntarily leave the organization. The population consisted of 31 individuals who had left the Extension Service from 2009-2014. A survey which was composed of four main question sets was mailed to the identified population.;Questions focused on the constructs of organizational factors, job related factors, personal factors, and demographics. Data were collected and analyzed to identify contributing factors in each of the constructs. The study found that a major factor that contributes to agents leaving Extension was having other priorities in the individuals' life. A key factor that was also identified was the ability to maintain personal relationships. The amount of work required of an agent leaves little time for family, friends, and personal social lives.;Several remarks noted in response to the open ended questions stated if the amount of time spent during nights, weekends, and summers were reduced, then they would have stayed employed with the West Virginia University Extension Service. Identification of factors which impact agents to leave will help administration of the West Virginia University Extension Service to develop programs and training that will help retain agents.