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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Kenneth Currie

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Majid Jaridi

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Feng Yang


One of the main concerns of project managers is monitoring the schedule performance of construction projects. A project manager needs tools to not only understand the status of project schedule performance, but also to find the causes of delays and the corresponding corrective actions. Hence, discovering time deviations from the project plan provides more reliable project schedule control. Applying statistical quality control charts on the project schedule performance index is suggested in this study. The use of quality control charts in this research monitors the process plan and provides first alarms for applying changes by detecting the time deviations over the project duration. For the schedule performance, Earned Value Management (EVM) has been shown to be a very powerful tool. However, EVM calculations are monetary based, which provides some misleading results for measuring the duration of the project. Earned Duration Management (EDM) introduces a better metric for schedule performance that solves this illusory results of EVM by detecting cost and schedule performance measures. So, applying statistical quality control charts on the EDM's schedule performance index is recommended in this research. Moreover, because of changes to tasks to correct project delays, it becomes more difficult to estimate the final budget. So in this study, considering the time value of money, delay in employer payment and contractor cash flow in different phases of the construction projects, beside the use of EDM schedule index is suggested to calculate the final budget of the project. A construction case study illustrates the enhancement of the introduced method.