Angela Miller

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School of Nursing


Adult Health

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Marilyn Smith

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Jesse Ada

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Gregory Krivchenia, II


Background: The morbidity associated with venous thromboembolism often goes unrecognized. Identifying patient populations at risk for venous thromboembolism and implementing evidence-based guidelines can decrease the number of untoward effects of this disease. Clinical pathway guidelines are valuable tools needed by nurses in the prevention and treatment of disorders for patients. Education of the guideline can increase knowledge and understanding of what prevention, interventions, and treatment are available for the orthopaedic patient and how to apply this knowledge to everyday patient care.;Objective: To educate orthopaedic nurses on the clinical practice guidelines of thromboembolism.;Method: Incorporate the education of thromboembolism in an orthopaedic class intended for registered nurses studying for the national orthopaedic exam.;Population: Twenty-three registered nurses from the Mid-Ohio Valley employed at Selby General Hospital.;Expected Outcome: To calculate a statistically difference in the scores of a pre test and a post test given to the nurses enrolled in the class on the prevention and treatment of thromboembolism.