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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Fashion, Dress and Merchandising

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Jennifer H Yang

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Harry N Boone

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Christine E Rittenour


The use of digital alteration software on fashion models in advertising photographs has been used to promote an ideal standard of beauty for women. In an attempt to differentiate the thin ideal, fashion brand Aerie has vowed to not use digital alteration software to alter the physical characteristics of the models in their advertisements, while other companies such as Victoria's Secret continues to utilize digital alteration techniques on their advertisements. This research examined consumer brand preference using Photoshopped Victoria's Secret and non-Photoshopped Aerie fashion advertisements found from an online source. The purpose of this study was to examine college aged females perceptions of fashion brands Victoria's Secret and Aerie. Through the use of an online survey, this study examined women's brand preference of Victoria's Secret and Aerie based on body image, online visual media literacy, self-esteem, self-congruence, brand image perception, and image preference. Results indicated that certain dimensions of body image and self-esteem, online visual media literacy, brand image, image preference, and self-congruence each played a key role in determining brand preference. These findings are vital as they can suggest alternative advertising methods for each brand.