Shaun Turner

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MFA Creative Writing Thesis

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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences



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Glenn Tayler

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Mark Brazaitis

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Jim Harms


In Peters County, Kentucky, the Lawless River still snakes through the Appalachian foothills, past the community of Crooked Patch and the farm where an aspiring model tends prize-winning pumpkins, past the remains of a rotted-out root cellar, dangerously-close to floodprone Franklin Ferry and into the manmade Piney Lake. Peters County, Kentucky tells their stories and more: in the town of Snyder, a woman baked a meatloaf that regenerates at night, and a bizarre band of vandals lurk in Wraytown. This atlas of Peters County tells the stories of its residents' lives, their deaths, their memories, and their explorations. In our hyperactive time, we tend to forget that telephones, electricity, healthcare, and running water were luxuries only a century ago. In these sometimes sad and often strange stories, Peters County, Kentucky is an Appalachian perspective in rural America: hard moments, brief and honest moments.

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Permanent Embargo – MFA Creative Writing

Available for download on Saturday, October 14, 2119