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The purpose of this document is to articulate the various dimensions of the solo multiple percussion performance practice, the primary objective being to construct appropriate graduate curricula. It was found that the necessary skills and concepts could be categorized into four dimensions that make up the multi-faceted model: (1) equipment and setup, (2) notational style, (3) technical demands, and (4) conceptual performance. Requisite skills were posited from performance analyses of over fifty solo works that range from intermediate to advanced difficulty. Representative works are described that might effectively introduce and challenge these requisite skills and concepts, as are exemplary pieces that require their mastery. One piece that I performed for recital within my doctoral program was selected for each dimension to provide experiential details: The Anvil Chorus is used to describe equipment and setup, Psappha for notational style and devices, Thirteen Drums for technical facility, and Tunnels for the performance concept. I conclude the document with sample program curricula suggested for master’s and doctoral level, as well as curricula specific to each dimension of the performance model. It is my hope that the percussion instructor will use this model to analyze their own inventory and to include future additions to the literature for creating an effective and comprehensive graduate multiple percussion curriculum.