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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

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Nicole Tracy-Ventura

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Heiko ter Haseborg

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Tania de Miguel Magro


The combination of online learning and face-to-face lessons have become a relevant learning model in English Language Teaching in the last years. The goal of this research study was to investigate the integration of such a blended learning approach in an EFL class in Bolivia. The study was conducted at a binational language institution, and it focused on the effect of blended learning on the students’ overall language proficiency and each language skill individually. Data was collected via a proficiency pre-test at the beginning of the experiment, two quizzes during the module, and a final exam, all of them to assess the students’ learning. This study also investigated the students and teacher's attitudes towards the blended learning approach, for which individual interviews were conducted. The participants were 31 Bolivian students of parallel intermediate level classes of English. They were divided into a comparison group (n=18) and a treatment group (n=13). The results showed that, overall, the comparison group performed better than the treatment group. However, the treatment group performed equally or better than the comparison group in some language skills. Regarding the students’ and teacher's attitudes towards the online lessons, they were positive regarding the interactivity and the feedback, but negative regarding the opportunities of communication in the online lessons.