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Political Science

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Robert D. Duval

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John C. Kilwein

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Jason A. MacDonald

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L. Christopher Plein


In this dissertation, I display the effect of punctuating events on the oil policy subsystem and network and, in turn, on the rulemaking process. Here I examine whether, and to what extent, the changes in the dynamics of the policy network and the composition of the subsystem caused by the punctuation could alter rulemaking outputs and whether these changes occur simultaneously or sequentially across the policy subsystem and network.

Building upon Punctuation-Equilibrium Theory (PET), Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF), and the Policy Network Approach (PNA) alongside the political control literature, I provide explanations for the routines and outputs of rulemaking. Accordingly, I analyze changes in the set of oil and gas related administrative rules that are proposed and/or finalized during the period of 1996-2016. I then link these changes with the fluctuations in interactions occurring in the oil subsystem and network. For this purpose, I apply both Social Network analysis (SNA) and the exponential-family random graph models (ERGM) for statistical inferences.

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Publication Pending

Appendix_1.pdf (448 kB)
Appendix 1: Classification of Actors in Congressional Hearing Network

Appendix_2.txt (11 kB)
Appendix 2: Python Script for Congressional Hearings Data Collection

Appendix_3.txt (5 kB)
Appendix 3: Python Script for Collecting Rule Attributes

Appendix_4.txt (8 kB)
Appendix 4: Python Script for Merging the Rules in Sets

Appendix_5.txt (16 kB)
Appendix 5: Python Script for Collecting the Comments for Each Set of Rules

Appendix_6.txt (3 kB)
Appendix 6: Python Script for Searching the Actor Names

Appendix_7.pdf (266 kB)
Appendix 7: Script for Data Preparation in R

Appendix_8.pdf (247 kB)
Appendix 8: R Script for Visualization and Data Manipulation of Oil Prices

Appendix_9.pdf (273 kB)
Appendix 9: R Script for Classification and Visualization of Congressional Committees and Hearings

Appendix_10.pdf (217 kB)
Appendix 10: R Script for Visualization and Data Manipulation of Bill Referral

Appendix_11.pdf (504 kB)
Appendix 11: R Script for Construction and Visualization of Congressional Hearing Network

Appendix_12.pdf (355 kB)
Appendix 12: R Script for TERGM of the rulemaking Network

Appendix_13.pdf (429 kB)
Appendix 13: R Script for the Request-Response (RR) Network with Structural Zeros

Appendix_14.mp4 (1496 kB)
Appendix 14: A Video for the Dynamic Network of the Congressional Hearings on Oil Policy (1996-2016)

Appendix_15.mp4 (4055 kB)
Appendix 15: A Video for the Dynamic Network of Rulemaking on Oil Policy (2001-2016)

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