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Wood Science and Technology

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Benjamin Dawson-Andoh

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Gregory Dahle

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Felton Eugene


Valorization of Xylan in Agroforestry Waste Streams.

Harrison Appiah

Microwave-assisted deep eutectic solvent and gamma-valerolactone metallic chloride catalyzed conversion of xylan to furfural were investigated using a 2x3 factorial experimental design at two levels of percent microwave power, reaction time, and catalyst concentration. The levels of each factor studied were (20%, 60% microwave power, 2, 4 minutes, and 10, 20mg) respectively. The effect of three metallic chloride catalysts (LiCl, FeCl3.6H20, CuCl2) on the conversion of xylan to furfural was also investigated. The gamma-valerolactone-ferric chloride sent system exhibited the highest mean yield of furfural (56.50%). The next highest furfural yield of 35.54% was given by the gamma-valerolactone- copper (II) chloride catalytic system. A fitted linear mixed effect model shows that the main effects of temperature and catalyst are significant (P < 0.0001). At a longer reaction time of 4 minutes and 20 percent microwave power, the percent yield of furfural increased from 31 to 47%. Increasing power from 20 to 60% (1260 W) caused the yield to decrease from approximately 34 to 26% when 10mg catalyst was used. When 20mg of catalyst was used, yield decreased from approximately 44 to 34%. The microwave used was the solwave model 180MWHD21with a maximum power of 2100W.

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