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Scottish composer James MacMillan, born in 1959, composed choral music throughout his life but initially rose to prominence as a composer of instrumental works in the early 1990s. In the first decade of the 2000s primarily with The Strathclyde Motets MacMillan solidified his position as a preeminent composer in both choral and instrumental genres with international notoriety.

MacMillan’s Roman Catholic upbringing and continuing faith have had a profound effect on his compositional style which is evident in both his instrumental and choral works. His skill in text-setting coupled with his deep faith provide a rich foundation for choral composition.

This project provides contextualizing research on the subjects of MacMillan’s life, musical training, and religion as part of a methodology to begin study for performance of his 2009 Miserere. Further research concentrates on the Miserere text and its history. The concluding chapters focus on analysis and teaching, conducting, and rehearsal techniques appropriate for preparing both the conductor and the choir.