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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


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Deborah A. Boone

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Harry N, Boone, Jr.

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Jean M. Wokshuk


The purpose of this study was to determine if West Virginia University Extension Camping Instructors were influencing the life skill development of 4-H youth while also developing life skills of their own. This study utilized the unique perceptions of Extension Camping Instructors who were employed from the summer of 2007 to October of 2015 by examining their current level of life skills, how they felt being employed as an Extension Camping Instructor influenced the development of each skill, and how they felt their role impacted the life skill development of 4-H youth with whom they had worked. A descriptive survey was sent to each member of the target population who were employed during the designated time. The Extension Camping Instructor experience was perceived to have the greatest influence on leadership, community service/volunteering, problem solving, and communication among the target population while the Extension Camping Instructors perceive that their role has the greatest influence on teamwork, self-esteem, and community service/volunteer life skill development among 4-H youth. Adaptability, communication, and working with others who are different were rated as the most valued life skills learned through being an Extension Camping Instructor.