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Stacy A. Gartin

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Harry N, Boone, Jr.

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Jessica M. Blythe


The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of educators using the CASE curriculum related to the lesson plans, materials and overall courses in the curriculum. The research was also aimed to determine the perceptions of educators on the CASE curriculum as it relates to the total agricultural education model and the attitudes of students' views of the CASE curriculum as perceived by their teachers. The population for this study was 1,021 agricultural educators across the United States who have been trained in CASE and are currently teaching in a high school classroom. The researcher conducted a descriptive survey. The training for the courses was well received by the respondents as well as the course materials and courses in general. Respondents identified problems in different courses with the incorporation of FFA and SAEs. The largest problem respondents identified was the level of student's positive excitement throughout the year