Susan L. Aloi

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This study was based on the philosophical premise that the mission of an institution of higher education should be focused on student-learning outcomes, and all strategic decisions need to be made in accordance with what has been proven to enhance student learning. Because the assessment process results in data that can determine what conditions positively affect student learning, these data should be used to make the strategic decisions that affect the core student-learning mission of the institution. The intent of this research project was to cull best practices in integrating assessment with planning from institutions that have productive planning and assessment processes and demonstrated success in linking the two. Information was gathered from three case institutions by interviewing faculty and administrators involved in these institutions' strategic planning and assessment processes, as well as through document review. Analysis of this data resulted in a synthesis of ten best practices that can be shared with institutional planners and other interested individuals as a model for colleges and universities to follow in developing or modifying their own planning processes.