Adel Alzenedy

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use and performance of West Virginia University Portal MIX (Mountaineer Information Xpress), with a focus on its features. As students and faculty in the College of Human Resources and Education were the target population, this study specifically investigated their satisfaction levels towards MIX. Qualitative and quantitative methods were used in this research, which involves faculty and students in the College of HR&E at West Virginia University. Quantitative data gathering was conducted with the use of online and paper-based surveys. Qualitative data was gathered through informal interviews with a selected sample of students and faculty. Data evaluation consisted of analysis of the evidence in terms of research questions and narrative summaries of the interviews. The research results showed that the e-mail is the most useful feature of MIX. For participants, the second- and the third-most useful features were “STAR” and “Login Screen.” The results also indicated that students and faculty members have an average level of satisfaction about MIX features and performance and the main areas of concerns for both samples were speed, reliability, availability, and design.