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This study was conducted to identify and classify content represented by foundational technical developments in the knowledge area of technology that would provide a basis from which science and technology centers could develop exhibits which would reflect the knowledge area of technology. The Delphi was selected as the method of data collection. Nineteen (19) Delphi panel members were selected from the following four (4) groups of experts: (1) directors of science and technology centers; (2) Society for the History of Technology; (3) Women In Technological History; and (4) business and industry. The procedure for conducting the study was (1) a review of the literature was conducted; (2) the problem was identified; (3) Delphi pilot study was conducted; (4) Delphi study was conducted through round two; (5) a classification system was chosen; (6) foundational technical developments were selected and grouped by content experts; (7) rounds 3 and 4 of the Delphi were conducted; (8) data was analyzed; and (9) summary and conclusions of the research were made. The following conclusions were made within the limitations of this study: (1) the seventy-three (73) foundational technical developments accepted represent a partial listing of foundational technical developments in the knowledge area of technology; (2) that the seventy-three (73) foundational technical developments can serve as a basis for the development of a checklist on technology content for science and technology centers; (3) that the knowledge area of technology can be classified in four categories of transportation, communication, production, and health-medicine/other and that exhibits on technology should include foundational technical developments in the four categories; (4) that some foundational technical developments perform essential functions in more than one technical system. Consequently, when developing exhibits on technology, foundational technical developments should be exhibited in context with technical systems to which they apply; (5) individuals' desire to acquire material products influences what individuals know about and/or perceive technology; (6) that position or title held by an individual does not always indicate expertise in that area; and (7) the Delphi panel was not able to or did not devote sufficient time to the research to identify the foundational technical developments.