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With the understanding that coaches have a direct impact on the athletes with whom they work (Libman, 1998) and with the knowledge that this influence is complex (Weiss & Hayashi, 1996), it can be assumed that coaching education is of the utmost importance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the PASS IT Back program developed to help coaches address their specific players' perceptions and preferences for the coach-athlete relationship. Nine boys' high school soccer coaches and their respective teams were randomly placed in one of three categories: (1) control group, (2) feedback group receiving information about players' perceptions and preferences, and (3) educational group receiving feedback and training about how to make changes in interactional style. Trends between the educational group and the other groups were found for perception subcategories and psychosocial variables, with self-confidence significantly improved; thus demonstrating the effectiveness of educational sessions in helping coaches work with their athletes from an interpersonal standpoint.