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Concern about the efficacy of American education programs in reading is noted. Amid conflicting reports of what is wrong with American schools, steps must be taken which allow for growth among reading educators, especially those who work with older students who have not yet achieved grade appropriate reading skills. However, those who provide support programs need a body of information which allows them to address real needs that teachers have. The voice of teachers is under represented in program planning, yet could provide information crucial to the development of the most beneficial training and support programs. This study investigated the perspectives held by reading and special education teachers for instructional design and implementation in middle school reading programs as these teachers approach the task of helping students achieve literacy who have already failed to do so to an appropriate degree throughout their elementary education. A case study of two middle school teachers of reading, a special educator and a reading specialist provided insight subsequently used in a survey of the larger population of middle school reading teachers. This information provided a necessary and expanded foundation for the development of preservice and staff development programs in the local system, but could be replicated elsewhere to contribute to the broader base of information available in this important area.