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The complex compounds: tris(2 -a m in o eth an o l)- copper(II) su lfate, bis(2-am inoethanol)copper(II) su lfa te , (2-am inoethoxido)(2-am inoethanol)copper(II) perchlorate, bis(2-aminoethoxido)copper(II ) , b i s ( 2 ,2 '- im inodiethanol)copper(II) n itr a te , b is (2 ,2 '-iminodiethanol)copper(II) su lfate hydrate, (2-iminoethanol2 '-iminoethoxido)( 2 ,2 '-im ino-diethanol)copper(II) perchlorate, b is ( 2-im inoethanol-2 ' -iminodiethoxido) copper(II), 2 , 2 ',2 " -n itrilo trie th a n o l copper(II) n itr a te , 2 , 2 ', 2 " -n itrilo trie th a n o l copper(II) hydroxide, (l-amino-2-propoxido)(l-amino-2-propanol) (methanol)copper(II) perchlorate, (l-imino-2- propanol-1 '-im ino-2-propoxido)(1, 1 '-im inodi-2-propanol)copper(II) perchlorate, (l-imino-2-propanol1 1-imino-2-propoxido)(1 , 1 ' -im inodi-2-propanol) copper(II) n itra te , b i s (l-im ino-2-propanol-l1-imino2 -p ro p o x id o )co p p e r(II), b i s (2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)- 3-h y d ro x y -l-p ro p o x id o )co p p er(II), bis(2-am ino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-3-hydroxy-1-propoxido)copper(II) hydrate, bis(2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-3-hydroxy-lpropoxido)copper(II) pentahydrate, bis(2-am ino-2- (hydroxymethyl)- 1 ,3-propanediol)copper(II) n i t r a t e , and bis(2-amino-2-methyl-l-propoxido)copper(II) hydrate were synthesized and th e ir electro n ic reflectance spectra at ambient and liquid nitrogen tem peratures, in fra re d sp e ctra, magnetic moments, and x-ray trace spectra were determined. Structures involving planar, trigonal bipyramidal and distorted octahedral configurations are proposed for the various compounds. The e le c tro n ic re fle c ta n c e spectra were resolved into th e ir respective Gaussian components and where ap p ro p riate , 10 Dq values were calculated.