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The perceptions of community members on a traditional Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) counseling approach and a multi-sensory REBT counseling approach were examined in this study. A total of 98 individuals, who were the staff and parents recruited from a community Headstart program, participated in the study. Simulated counseling sessions of the two approaches were presented to the community members through eleven minute videotapes. After watching the counseling sessions, individuals rated the sessions with the Counseling Style Preference Form and the Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire. They also were asked to write comments about each of the counseling sessions. Paired sample T-tests yielded no statistically significant results indicating preference for either approach. Analyses of variance were conducted for the traditional REBT counseling approach and the multi-sensory REBT counseling approach with those participants who indicated that they had prior counseling and those who had not. The ANOVA's yielded significant results indicating that those participants who have been in counseling before rated the multi-sensory REBT approach to counseling higher and the traditional REBT approach to counseling lower than those participants who had not been in counseling before.