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This study investigated the influence of asynchronous computer text based technologies on the students’ performance when learning the preterite and the imperfect aspects. The technology used was a blog powered by Blogger and a wiki powered by Wikispaces. Two research questions guided the study: Research Question 1: Is there a difference in students’ achievement levels in Spanish preterite and imperfect between those using wiki-technologies and those using blog technologies after controlling for pre-intervention achievement levels? and Research Question 2: Are there differences in satisfaction levels for students learning Spanish preterite and imperfect via blog technologies as compared to those learning via wiki technologies? The research method used for this study was quantitative quasi-experimental design. The number of participants for this study was 45 enrolled in two sections of college-level Intermediate Spanish 2 (Spanish 204). Four instruments were used to gather the data of this study: a demographic survey, a pre and post test, an attitudinal survey and a rubric to grade the production component of the pre and post test. Results indicate that there were not significant differences between students who use blog or wiki technologies on performance levels when controlling for pre-existing knowledge. Results also indicated that there were not significant differences in satisfaction levels between those students using a wiki and those using a blog.