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The American musical scene, since 1950, has been complex and varied, and the musical developments in Latin America have been no exception: the composers, both the native-born and the emigre, have written and continue to write in every known style, embracing such diverse musical influences as European Art Music, vernacular music, and non-Western world music. The musical culture of Latin America is extraordinarily rich, with its historical development that can be traced back to the pre-Columbian era (before 1500). The music of three contemporary Latin American composers—Miguel del Aguila, Tania Leon, and Juan Maria Solare—reflect a postmodern aesthetic in that each simultaneously embraces tradition while extending modernism in establishing their own distinct compositional voices. The subject of this study serves as an introduction to their piano compositions and stylistic traits, along with a general overview of Latin American music history and selected piano music of representative Latin American composers. However, this study is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of all piano compositions by the trio but rather to provide an informed assessment of the distinctive voice of each composer. Since there are no resources currently on the trio’s piano music, the author hopes that this study will serve as a resource for further studies of their music.