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Global issues, as well as multicultural and global education, are receiving national and international attention, not only within the educational community, but also within society at large. Global education is fast becoming the subject of a growing body of literature, and both K–12 and postsecondary schools have begun to place importance on the successful incorporation of global perspectives in education. The purpose of this study was to examine the various perceived effects of international cross-cultural experiences on the subsequent curricula and instruction of higher education faculty. This phenomenological study utilized data collection methods which included logistical data, recorded interviews, follow-up telephone conversations and email correspondence, and notes to guide the analysis. Evidence from the study revealed that motives for going abroad to teach were guided by different motives, most strongly that of personal achievement and self-gain. The data also revealed how these international experiences influenced these faculty members' curricula and instruction, primarily through the ability to make their subject matter more meaningful and being able to view students and student learning differently.