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Capacity building in schools is of great interest to educators and policy makers who see an ongoing need for improvement in schools. This qualitative study investigates a professional development program provided in a school system to determine: (1) the dynamics of the experience that inspired participants to want to change practices to better facilitate student learning; (2) how selected educators exemplified that inspiration in their daily professional experience; and (3) how the training has impacted classrooms, schools, and the school system. The study took the shape of a funnel. Wiersma (1995) explains that the funnel approach begins with a general inquiry and narrows to focus on data that specifically reflects the phenomenon being studied. This study began with a survey of most educators in the system, and then narrowed to 2 focus groups. Finally 9 teachers, the superintendent, and the grant director were interviewed individually. Major themes that emerged as impacting teachers' capacity to implement change include relationships with colleagues, leadership at the school level, accountability for the implementation, and time for follow-up. Teachers' need to find inspiration by reflecting on their beliefs and the moral implications of teaching were noted.