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The purpose of this study was to develop a teaching style that used a modified research approach in a high school chemistry classroom. This modified research approach involved constructivist teaching practices, particularly the learning cycle. It emphasized the development of student science process skills, the mastery of science content, and a better understanding of attitudes about science in the classroom. It also promotes active learning in the classroom. The study also looks at the effectiveness of implementation of this teaching style. The methodology of the study involved designing modules which centered around nine basic chemistry concepts. These modules were guided by a research problem or question. Initially the teacher generated the research question but by the end of the study, students were generating their own research questions. Data were collected by student journals, concept webs, content tests, laboratory reports, teacher journal, laboratory practical exams, and a student attitude toward science survey. The results revealed that student science process skills that contributed directly to the problem solving nature of the research were increased. Student attitudes about science in the classroom were changed for the positive, indicated both in the student journals and the student attitude survey. Content mastery was achieved as measured statistically by test scores at the beginning of the class and the end of the class. Implementation was successful and students who enrolled in a second year chemistry class to the same instructor were better able to deal with independent work. It can be concluded from the results of the study that the students benefitted from the modified research teaching style and successful implementation was mirrored by student response to the teaching style. It was also concluded that the teacher in the study has a great deal of influence over student acceptance of something different and new.