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This study focuses on individual development and transformation of West Virginia University (WVU) McNair scholars as they exist in numerous realities. These scholars are first-generation/low-income students and/or minority students that wish to obtain their terminal degree. McNair scholars begin as undergraduate students ensconced within the educational community of the McNair Scholars Program (MSP) at WVU then independently enter graduate school programs throughout the nation. The WVU McNair scholars Program is one of over 170 national McNair programs within American higher education. This research, a phenomenological ethnography, provides a glimpse into the lives of the many students served via the MSP and records their perspectives that may benefit both the modern student as well as contemporary educators. I, a MSP Graduate Assistant and WVU McNair alumna, interviewed twenty one WVU McNair scholars along with the WVU MSP director and assistant director. Each scholar received their undergraduate education at WVU and many have now entered graduate school throughout the nation. This is a qualitative study; in addition to personal interviews of a purposeful sample it also incorporates document analysis and observation of students and events throughout an academic year.