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Computer telephony applications potential is impressive, however telephony applications implementation is exceptionally challenging. This work was initiated as a result of several disappointing previous attempts to incorporate telephony capabilities into a graphical application building environment which features the use of reusable software components. This presentation includes working code for an illustrative telephony application (a terminal emulator). A detailed implementation for the JavaBeans application implementation environment is developed and presented. The JavaBeans environment is representative of graphical application building environments which feature the use of reusable software components. Interaction with the telephony hardware uses Microsoft's TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface). Implementation required writing portions of code in Java and in C as well as the use of a set of C TAPI and a set of communication utilities. Working code for terminal emulators written in Java and C as well as for JavaBeans are included. This working code provides a model and a template for implementing telephony applications in general. It provides a starting point needed to meet ambitious application objectives.