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The purpose of this study was to examine the adjustment to college of freshmen student-athletes (n = 78) and students (n = 174) at a Division I university. Participants were surveyed using the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SACQ; Baker & Siryk, 1999). Student-athletes were found to be significantly less committed to earning their undergraduate degrees than non-athletes, during both week seven and week 15 of their first semester. Predictor variables accounted for 24% of the variance in social adjustment with a more positive perceived impact of personal-social factors and an internal locus of control, emerging as significant predictors. Commitment to earning an undergraduate degree was significantly predicted by a more positive perceived impact of personal-social factors, non-athlete status and a less powerful others oriented locus of control accounting for 24.9% of the variance. A repeated measure ANOVA, revealed that over time student-athlete adjustment significantly decreased on two of the four subscales of the SACQ, while non-athlete adjustment scores did not significantly change.