Janet Dozier

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As education for young children becomes more standards-based there has been a cry for more assessments. Developmentally appropriate assessment for young children has been defined by the twelve guidelines developed by the National Association for Young Children. The purpose of this study was done by surveying the 440 pre-kindergarten program directors in West Virginia regarding his/her perception of importance and implementation of those national assessment guidelines and followed by ten structured interviews of directors across the program descriptions. The study found the implementations of guidelines to be positively correlated to the director's perception of importance. Further it found that all of the twenty-one guidelines were positively correlated to the demographic information (education level of the director, type of program as determined by size, number of four year olds served by the program, accreditation status, licensure status, program description, and socio-economic status of the families participating in the programs) the strength of which varied by item.