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This case study was conducted at a small private school in the Unites States Virgin Islands during the winter and spring of 2001. Over a nine-week time span, the author interviewed staff and students, observed computer classes, and studied the curriculum guide being used for computer classes and instruction. The intent of the case study was to determine how computers and computer technology were being used, and to reach an understanding of the role of this technology on the schooling of students at this school. It was hoped that the information gathered could be of importance to other schools facing the same obstacles of remoteness of location, and of racial and cultural diversity. This small school was able to raise funds to complete a well-equipped computer laboratory and to offer instruction that gave students access to the Internet and the educational resources available through this access. A combination of a dynamic teaching force and strong leadership enabled this school to use computer technology to both enhance and improve their curriculum and to provide these students with experiences unique to the Caribbean Islands.