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The objective of this research was to determine if the use of Simplified English (SE) improved task comprehension of non-native English speaking aviation maintenance technician students in a non-English speaking environment. A background questionnaire, one test, and four controlled language instruments were administered to each subject. The test, Accuracy Level Test (ALT) by Ronald P. Carver, measured the Spanish subjects English reading ability by grade level. The four instruments were aviation maintenance task cards and tests developed by Boeing Aircraft which measured subject comprehension of maintenance procedures. The participants were 148 Mexican aviation maintenance technician students, mechanics, and instructors from Mexican aviation technical schools. The hypothesis examined the statistical strength of a controlled language which purportedly increased procedural comprehension for non-native English speaking aviation mechanics. Homogeneity of the participant sampling was tested through descriptive, and statistical analysis with the independent sample t-test, chi-square test for independence, and Chronbach's alpha. The hypothesis was tested with the independent sample t-test; correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to determine the extent of possible relationships between the independent and dependent variables. Results indicated that there was not a statistically significant improvement in task card comprehension when using SE, given conventional statistical interpretation. SE did, however, produce an overall increase in task card comprehension.