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Voluntary sector, as a segment of civil society, emerged as an important ally for most of the national governments in the North and the South to supplement the governments' programs. Most of the voluntary sector activities are performed by special agencies known as non-governmental or private voluntary organizations (NGOs). They are unique and empirical studies have indicated they are successful due to innovative, people-centered activities. This dissertation studied the activities of an individual non-governmental organization, Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), based in Arlington, Virginia, to be snapshots of programs involving the cooperation of Northern and Southern societies, with a purpose that individuals and agencies interested in assisting the people across through actions for the betterment of humans across the planet. Eight VITA field projects were analyzed to describe the projects' life-cycles: design, development, and the outcomes. The results indicated that the NGOs have become important partners for governments, utilize project formats, and emphasize on learning to improve their program effectiveness.